Passionate webdeveloper

Simon Driesen


HTML, CSS/SASS and JavaScript are my bread and butter. I use them almost daily and they have little secrets to me. When useful I like using front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, React and Angular.


I'm comfortable using both PHP and Node.js as server-side language. Both of these have there own advantages in my opinion. As database I usually use MySQL or MongoDB. My DevOps skills aren't bad either.

web animation

When I have some spare time I love to experiment with CSS3, SVG and JavaScript. I recently also started learning WebGL. The header background above is a randomly generated terrain with three.js for example.


Take a look at some of the things I have build so far!


Discontinued startup project (Laravel).


Logo design and development (Craft CMS).

Elias Driesen

Portfolio Website (Strapi CMS)

Google Doodle

Proposal for anniversary of Belgian railways.

IMDstagram [school project]

Dutch Instagram alike site build with pure PHP.

Live ScoreBoard [school project]

Node.js app using MongoDB and

About me

Hello, I'm Simon.

Webdeveloper • Designer • Web Animator

I’m an interactive multimedia design alumnus. Within this course I specialised in webdevelopment. Even though I’m confident I can design great things I would rather leave the design part to other people and focus on the development process.

Besides working on the web I like to play games, read books, watch television series and practice my drums (which I should do more). I'm also interested in bioinformatics.

  • This is me, a calm and friendly developer. I’m always eager to learn new things and improve my skills.

  • This is my german shepherd. His name is Batist and he's pretty cool for helping me out filling this block with quality content.